Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#Like A Girl

Two months ago, Always launched the "Like a Girl" campaign. The video featured boys and girls of all ages realizing the negative effects of gender stereotypes over the years. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjJQBjWYDTs

Whether or not this campaign has raised sales is questionable because there was not a significant increase. However, brand awareness for Always was definitely risen because the ad cleverly encourages viewers to visit the website to help the cause. Always is a popular brand for feminine hygiene products such a tampons and pads. Their campaign that girls should be proud to be girls and that the phrase "like a girl" should not be an insult is powerful and true. 

Always tackles the problem that girls lose self confidence during puberty, a critical stage in life. During this time they feel embarrassed of their body and their outer image. Gradually, "like a girl" becomes an insult during this stage. I applaud Always for such a moving campaign, even if it was obviously a marketing strategy. Regardless, it worked. Not only did the video go viral and brand awareness increase but it encouraged people to talk and debate about this topic, which is definitely something that needs to be done. 

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