Monday, September 15, 2014

Black Face

Numero Magazine created a beautiful fashion editorial with the title of "African Queen." Here are some of the pictures from the shoot:

Ondria Hardin poses as an African Queen

What a beautiful depiction of true African beauty right? Wrong. The model is actually Ondria Hardin, a Caucasian model. Her skin was darkened with paint and makeup for the shoot. The final editing even added effects to make her hair seem more textured. The transformation is jaw-dropping.

This magazine used a Caucasian model for another African American editorial in 2010 as well. They darkened her skin and gave her an Afro wig. There is not a shortage of black models. In fact, there are plenty looking for work; they just are not getting the job. According to reports, only 6% of models used during New York Fashion week were black while 82% were white.

While this is a very discouraging thing to hear and see for models who are not Caucasian attempting to enter the industry, some companies are doing the opposite of Numero. Miu Miu's spring campaign video actually featured an entirely black cast.

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